Anti-Coronavirus Associated Pathogen Energy Blast

Obviously, it is impossible to promise or guarantee any particular outcome, however, this treatment attempts to maximally protect you from pathogens I have come to associate in Chinese medicine with Covid-19, the 2020 coronavirus. This treatment will continue daily multiple times a day to aggressively treat you as needed for as long as the coronavirus is functionally active. Only the people and pets you list in the People To Treat box will receive a treatment -- and this will only be true for yourself, dependents of yours under 18 years old, people for whom you are their legal health care proxy, and your own pets. Anyone else must sign up independently in order to receive treatment (even if you include their name below). By signing up, you are agreeing to my Informed Consent, which gives me permission to treat you. This service is being provided to you for free and is available to individuals all over the planet where such a service is considered legal to be offered in your country (as I do not know local laws around the planet, I leave it up to you to know if you can sign up).
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